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"Who are you?"

Hey! I'm Nate Papadogiannis, a 20 year old Computer Science student with a hard last name from Queens, New York (The smaller part of the big apple). I'm currently on year 3 of my 5 year Co-Op program at RIT where I've gained a ton of experience with Java, Python, C, MIPS, Android Native, and after this site, HTML and CSS :).

Of course, software makes our lives easier, but I'm especially interested in the ways it interacts with us and how we can make those interactions a little bit more human. Throughout my work, I like to try and add personality to my projects. Whether it be by having a spirit week Discord bot wish both teams good night before shutting down or by making a cartoon character the face of a weather app, my goal is to make apps people enjoy using. For more info on my recent personal projects, here's a wormhole for you.

Outside of coding, I'm a guitarist, a digital artist, and an extremely competent gardener (And I have 20+ living plants if you need a reference on that).

My personal GitHub is just starting off, so I hope that you'll check up on it as I fill it up with all the cool stuff I'm planning. You can also stay updated on what I'm working on by checking back on this page later.

Hope to see you around, feel free to send me a message and say "Hey!"

-Nate P.

A picture of Nate Papadogiannis in a yellow beaning and orange plaid with a stuffed white tiger on his shoulder. He is pointing at the tiger and smiling.
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What I'm up to right now
HumanCast In Development
WormBot, the Worm Week Referee Done
More to come...
A banner depicting a beach scene with Brellbert on the sand. In the back Reads 'HumanCast, a Brellbert certified Weather Experiece'. In the lower left corner, it says 'Developed for Android'

HumanCast: Brellbert's Weather Station is Online!

June 2nd, 2021

Native Android Java UI/UX OpenWeather

Something that's always bugged me is the mundaneness of checking the weather every morning before getting dressed. Weather apps are criminally boring (And honestly, not user-conscious). Sure, it may "feel like" 60 degrees, but what does that mean to our user in words. Is it cold? Is it nice? Without feedback from the user, we'll never know.

Here's where HumanCast comes in.

It's high time checking the weather becomes a two-sided relationship. HumanCast is a new app for Android that delivers accurate weather data, personalized forecasts, and tongue-in-cheek humor from your new favorite weather pal, Brellbert.

As of Now, Brellbert can...

  • Grab GPS data from user's device
  • Access OpenWeather data via their One Call API
  • Give current weather forecast (With some snarky comments)

What's Next On My To-Do List

Goals for the app's future include allowing for user feedback to facilitate forecasts that can provide hyperspecific advice such as "It's 70 degrees, but you may feel chilly. Bring a jacket!"

Something else I've considered is making the jump from Android Native to Flutter, but as this is my first chance to use Android Native, I'd prefer to put that decision off until I've gotten the hang of mobile development down.

Check out the GitHub Repo below.

A GIF of WormBot responding to a message with emojis that spell out 'oh worm?'

WormBot, The Worm Week Referee

Feb 23rd, 2021

Python Discord API JSON Database

In the past, Worm Week (Context here) had been a very small event that I could scorekeep by myself, but as the participant list has grown past 50 people, I've needed a way to keep track of points easily. This is the purpose of WormBot

WormBot is a Discord bot that crossposts user submissions from the submission channel in a neatly formatted embed. Additionally, and most notably, it awards points to each user with the click of an emote. This new total gets added to the official scoreboard file and the newest version gets uploaded to Google Sheets. This allows me to revert points back in case points are ever wrongfully given.

As of Now, WormBot can...

  • Organize Worm Teams Randomly
  • Send Out Daily Wormtivities
  • Keep Track of Points locally and in the cloud
  • Respond to User Commands (Both fun and functional ones)
  • Save The World

So... What is Worm Week?

Every year, the 3rd Saturday of February is Worm Day (or at least, it has been for the past 3 years after I made this holiday up). Each year, 2 teams across America spend the week leading up to Worm Day competing in worm-themed creativity challenges (A.K.A. Wormtivities). These can be anything from submitting worm haikus to drawing yourself as a worm to writing a 1-sentence worm story.

All participants earn points from either participating in each daily Wormtivity or from a daily bonus (Like the early worm bonus where the first few participants earn double points for their team). At the end of the week, there's a Final Wormdown where you can submit whatever you want and the top 3 most voted submissions earn tons of points.

More to Come

Come back later!